Car park for classic car

You will be offered free parking, in the P14 area : "Entrance Source".
This is generously offered by the Belgium Classic Cars Federation, whether or not you are a member. You will only be required to pay for your entrance.

Car park for modern car

Should you arrive in a modern vehicle and following the itinerary signs you may park your vehicle in either the parking 1 or parking 2 : "Entrance Ster".
The car parks for modern cars are not managed by Roadbook but directly by the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps.
Contact : Sylvain KERTEN

Campsites - Motorhomes into the parking P2 along the circuit

Campsites and motorhomes into the parking P2 along the circuit are managed by the people in charge of the Spa Circuit.
Contact : Sylvain KERTEN

Roadbook Organisation is not responsible of the organisation of the campsites.
A campsite ticket does not include the Entrance Ticket to the Spa Six Hours meeting.