The Spa Six Hours 2020 will take place exclusively on the track.

No activities will take place in the paddocks and no entertainment will take place: no appointments at the FBVA House, no Vintage Village, no concentration of Brands, no parking for the Old Timer.

This is a pure racing weekend, with continuous testing and racing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, including the Spa Six Hours endurance race on Saturday, September 26th from 4 to 10 pm.

You can now take note of the series of races present at the meeting.

At the moment, Roadbook Organisation is not in a position to determine whether the Spa Six Hours meeting will be able to welcome the public, either unlimited, in limited numbers, or not at all. But if this is the case, the public will have free access to the paddock.

The Spa Six Hours meeting is thrilled to welcome the Lions Club Liege Hauts-Sarts