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Special features 2020

At the moment, Roadbook Organisation is not in a position to determine whether the Spa Six Hours meeting will be able to welcome the Press and Media, either unlimited, in limited numbers, or not at all.

You can now apply for your Press / Media accreditation, if you meet the eligibility criteria.
We will inform you if your request is admissible, but your accreditation will not be officially confirmed.

Roadbook will contact you personally by email as soon as we are officially able to announce the presence or not of the Press and Media.

Considering the specific conditions of this year, Roadbook privileges the accreditation of a single person per media to allow the presence of the greatest number of journalists and photographers from different media.

Eligibility for getting a Press / Media accreditation for the Spa Six Hours.

Only accreditations that meet the three following criteria will be received and reviewed.

• On presentation of a valid registered insurance corresponding to the risks related to the activity of photographer / journalist on a racing track
• On presentation of a Press Card 2020
• On presentation of a nominative letter of accreditation from an official media, with specific mention of the name of the meeting : Spa Six Hours 2020
Or, failing that, name the official media(s) for which you are mandated.
Priority will be given to journalists / photographers holding a letter of accreditation from an official media, with specific mention of Spa Six Hours 2020.

  • Photographer accreditation will give access to the press room and each accredited photographer will receive a numbered Tabard authorizing access to the dedicated areas along the track, with the exception of the Red Zone (see safety briefing).
  • Journalist accreditation will give access to the press room and the pit lane.
  • Each accredited person will be given a safety briefing, with the codes of conduct to be observed.

√ By the simple fact to apply for press and media accreditation, the beneficiary is aware and recognizes that our organization cannot be held responsible for any accident that could happen during the meeting.
√ He accepts to respect the security rules in force on the circuit during the meeting.
√ The accredited persons have access to the dedicated areas at their own risk and under their registered professional/business insurance.

Accreditation may not be accepted if the request or motivation does not appear to be justified.
Private / personal requests for accreditation (Facebook, Instagram,...) will not be accepted.

Procedure for requesting a Press / Media accreditation for the Spa Six Hours.

Opening of accreditations: Monday, July 20, 2020
Closing of accreditations: Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Accreditations are received exclusively through the "Press / Media Accreditation" form

The Spa Six Hours meeting is thrilled to welcome the Lions Club Liege Hauts-Sarts