Walk Along the Eau Rouge

Discover the Spa-Francorchamps circuit from a new angle! In addition to its iconic sporting events, this legendary location boasts a rich fauna and flora that you can explore by walking within the circuit itself. It's a unique opportunity to have fun and relax, whether by bike or on foot, with friends or family. Entrance is open to all and completely free once inside the circuit. Enjoy!

The Circuitsp'Adventure allows you to immerse yourself in an exceptional natural environment. This walk, stretching nearly 1.5 kilometres, invites visitors to explore both banks of the red water, crossing bridges that overlook the famous river and walking on duckboards for part of the journey.

The Circuitsp’Adventure also offers a fun and educational experience within the circuit. Visitors can engage in various sporting and enjoyable activities while learning about the local fauna and flora through explanatory panels.

Ideal for families, nature enthusiasts, and athletes, this hike will captivate everyone by exploring the treasures of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit.

Entry point from the paddocks:

Rendez-vous near the Eau Rouge building, next to the TotalEnergies gas station.
Then head towards the main crossroads next to the gardens of the Eau Rouge building.

Once at the crossroads, head towards the woods, leaving the Eau Rouge building and the Raidillon behind you.

You will find the entrance to the promenade on the path ahead of you.