A few places become available for various Warm-Up sessions (due to unforeseen circumstances or mechanical problems).
If you would like to be given priority for a place, please send us an email to the following address .
Give us some information about your Classic Car (make, model, year, engine capacity if known), the session(s) you are interested in and eventually your telephone number.
We’ll get back to you as soon as a place becomes available in the session(s) you’re interested in. 


  • Parking and access to the circuit for your Classic Car.
  • Choice between 5 driving sessions, each containing 3 laps.
  • Provisional timetable provided for information purposes only, and will be confirmed with the final instructions:
    • Session 1 • 17:55 
    • Session 2 • 18:15
    • Session 3 • 18:40
    • Session 4 • 19:00 
    • Session 5 • 19:25
  • Laps at reduced speed, monitored by security vehicles. 
  • An evening meal at the BEHVA House, in the Eau Rouge facilities, at the foot of Raidillon, served at the table from 6:30 p.m.: single dish, dessert, soft drinks and coffee served as desired. Paid alcoholic drinks at the bar.


  • In the days following receipt of your registration via the online form, you will receive a personalized confirmation email with an invitation to pay, either by bank transfer or by credit card.
  • The number of places for each session and for the evening meal is limited.
  • Final confirmation of your registration will be sent to you upon receipt of the total amount due.


  • Noise limit is Maximum 103 dB on the track.
  • All communication will be conducted via email using our email address: anne@roadbook.net
  • Detailed information (access to the paddock, meeting point, etc.) as well as the different useful documents will be sent by post early September.


For Wednesday 25/09 : 

  • Access to the circuit for the driver and his Classic Car or access to the circuit for a passenger.
  • Access to the chosen session, as driver or as passenger.
  • Evening meal at the BEHVA House, in the Eau Rouge facilities for the driver or for the passenger.

Bonus: 1 voucher « general access + paddock access » by registration, for Friday 27/09 and Saturday 28/09 (Spa Six Hours meeting). The voucher will be exchanged for the meeting access bracelet ONLY on Wednesday 25/09 at the BEHVA House. Access to the circuit and paddocks on Thursday 26/09 is free and does not require any documents.



I would like to participate in one or multiple WARM-UP sessions with my Classic Car, taking place on Sunday, October 1, 2023, on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit.

These sessions will be open to vintage car owners who are more than 30 years old.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Registration fee for a Classic Car and a driver: €100 per session, including taxes.

IMPORTANT: Please make your selection from the sessions below.

    Warm up Session 2 : 11:00-11:20 SOLD-OUT
    Warm up Session 3 : 13:00-13:20 SOLD-OUT
    Warm up Session 4 : 15:00-15:20 SOLD-OUT
    Warm up Session 5 : 16:30-16:50 SOLD-OUT


Passenger registration fee: €10, including taxes


Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps - 01.10.2023 - CLASSICS & FRIENDS

Article 1 : Declares by this letter his intention to enter, with full responsibility, the event-day activities, with its risks and perils, and thus irrevocably relinquishes all appeals of any kind for himself and all of his claimants against the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, the site owner, subordinate employees, other participants, official representatives and volunteer helpers, as well as against the insurers of the persons, companies or entities named above.

Article 2: Acknowledges that the exclusion of liability referred to in Clause 1 extends to employees, other participants, official representatives and volunteers, including for what is committed by their deliberate act, except, and only as pertains to employees or authorised agents, for customers considered consumers as defined in Article 1, No. 7 of the Belgian Act of 14 July 1991 on Trade Practices and Consumer Protection.

Article 3: Consents that the exclusion of liability applies to both contractual and extra-contractual liability; that it refers to physical, material, as well as moral damage regardless of whether said damage is unforeseeable or indirect, excluding the death of the consumer as defined in Article 1, No. 7 of the Belgian Act of 14 July 1991 on Trade Practices and Consumer Protection, as well as bodily damage caused to the consumer.

Article 4: Acknowledges that the exclusion of liability applies to ordinary neglect, whether accidental or routine, as well as gross negligence, except, and only under this latter hypothesis, for customers considered consumers as defined in Article 1, No. 7 of the Belgian Act of 14 July 1991 on Trade Practices and Consumer Protection.

Article 5: Pledges to respect under all circumstances the commands of the staff marshals, official representatives, organisers and operators of the site, both during the preliminary briefing preceding the incentive and during the event, and in this respect, he recognizes to have received a Safety Briefing.

Article 6 : Acknowledges his sole responsibility for his actions.

Article 7 : Declares himself to be responsible for any damage occurring to the facilities, and especially to the race course guard rails (€ 350 per rail + € 200 administrative costs per accident), and commits himself to reimburse the resulting costs on the basis of the estimate drafted by the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.