Press & Media

2022 press-media accreditations are closed.

Eligibility to obtain a Press an media accreditation for the Spa Six Hours 2022 meeting

Only accreditations meeting the following three criteria will be received and reviewed:

  • To present a valid personal insurance corresponding to the risks linked to the activity of photographer / journalist on a car circuit


  • Hold a 2022 Press Card


  • Present a letter of accreditation from an official media, with specific mention Spa Six Hours 2022
    Or, failing that, name the official media for which you are responsible.
    Priority will be given to journalists/photographers holding an accreditation letter from an official media, with specific mention Spa Six Hours 2022.

Access by type of accreditation

  • "Photographer" accreditation gives access to the press room and each accredited photographer will receive a numbered chasuble authorising access to the dedicated areas along the track, except for the red zones (see safety briefing).
  • "Journalist" accreditation gives access to the press room and the pit lane.
  • Each accredited person will receive a security briefing, with the codes of conduct to be respected.

√ By the simple fact of applying for a media accreditation, the beneficiary is informed and acknowledges that our organization cannot be held responsible for any accident that would happen on the circuit during the meeting.

√ He undertakes to respect the safety rules in force on the circuit.

√ Accredited persons access the track under their own responsibility and under the cover of their professional/company/private insurance.

It should be noted that accreditation may not be accepted if the request or the motivation do not seem to be well-founded.

We will not be able to accredit requests made on a private/personal basis.

Please send one document per section.
For your convenience, you can send these documents by separate email to:


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